Where have I been?

Clearly, this blog is long dead. However, if you would like to see what I have been up to in the intervening years, here are some links for you.

Best Online High Schools

Degree Press

Thomas Nixon

Cheap College Degrees

Cheap Self-Publishing


Website moved (yet again!)

If you are looking for ThomasNixon.com, ThomasNixon.Wordpress.com, and the College Stuff blog, they are all located at:


I am in the process of consolidating all of my blogs over at Typepad. I believe that this is a long-term situation.

In which the writer shamelessly begs for sales…

Periodically, I find it’s a good idea to remind folks that I write for a living. I earn a reasonable portion of my income from doing just that. And, yes, I appreciate it when folks go off and buy my books. As it happens, my latest book, Complete Guide to Online High Schools: Distance learning options for teens & adults ┬áis out there now. And, importantly, I would appreciate folks wandering over to Amazon to plunk down the $10.17 and take one home.

By the way, I will have an announcement later this week concerning another book. Stay tuned.

College Drop-Out Hall of Fame

I almost hate to even offer this up to you all because I will then have to listen to people talking about how you don’t need to go to college. However, I think you all are smart enough to know that these are the exceptions to the rule. Yes, Bill Gates dropped out of college. I would encourage you, though, to remember that he dropped out of Harvard University. Smart guy. Most of us are not that guy. Or, for that matter, any of the others that I mention below.

On to the site: Publishing guru John Kremer has many useful sites. This one that I find so fascinating and that I offer up to you is a list of college drop-outs. We all know Bill Gates did. But what about Woody Allen? And Ben Affleck? Or Michael Dell (of Dell Computers)? And then there’s John Wayne.

Yes, it’s an interesting assortment. More are listed at the link below:

College Drop-Out Hall of Fame

Happy Independence Day

I like Independence Day. I like Independence Day for many reasons, not the least of which is that, regardless of our own political views, we can take a moment and celebrate this country of ours. And we can do that together.


Looking for an introduction to distance learning?

If you are looking for a general introduction to the topic of distance learning as well as information on accreditation and financial aid, I would encourage you to look at this page from Newsweek magazine. It provides most of the basics to get you started and then you can graduate to something like Bears’ Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning.

Real jobs without a college degree?

If you have ever wondered if it is still possible to get a “real” job without getting a college degree, you will want to take a look at this list. The first job listed is air traffic controller and that is followed by elevator installer and gaming manager.

You will note that these jobs do require training beyond the high school level. They are just not in the traditional college format. However, my looking at the list reveals that, while some of those jobs may not require a college degree, most of the people hired to do them will have one. A human resources manager without a degree? Probably not.

As you get further down the list, you will find few that actually do fit what the site purports. Still, the ones at the top are intriguing.